Southern Inland's of Vinaria

A Rat and his lute

After leaving the group the rat which turned out to be Tim separated himself from the boar, and wandered into the forest on his own. After some trial and error he manage to figure out how to work the change. As he was getting his bearings our goblin friend appeared to him and tempted him with a shiny green stone he told him this green stone was materia, well that’s the closest word for it in the English language that fits with what he knows, tempting him with information that there’s more materia up north near the marshes but to be careful because it is guarded.

Of course Tim took the bait and trekked north. After coming close to the camp, he decided that if he was stuck in a game, he would bring all his gaming experience behind him. Climbing into the trees much like the Kenway family, he manage to get view of the area, what he saw was a tunnel going into the ground near the marshes with 2 crocodile-were’s guarding the entrance but he also saw a tent with flashing lights off to the side. After some patience and a long stakeout he saw another crocodile emerge from the tent wearing dark robes, then that crocodile disappeared into the marshes then using an old trick of using a noise in the opposite direction Tim lured away one of the guards.

Then he had two choices the tunnel or the tent he chose the tent upon entering the tent he saw enchanting table almost like the ones he’s seen playing Skyrim but this one had a glowing pyramid of clear crystal in the center. The tent also contained a cot and a chest. Hearing the sound of one of the guards speaking with the dark robed one. He quickly shifted back into his rat form and slipped out of the tent through the back flap. Watching as the dark one returned to the tent he was now gnawing on a large bone of decaying meat. He went to a large basket filled with raw ore and picked a piece of large crystal from the rest.

As he watched he saw the crocodile shape the crystal into a sphere once he was completed and satisfied with his work he took the sphere of crystal to the enchanting table.
Where he held it above the pyramid and hissed and clicked in some unknown language that sounded like the crocodiles he’s seen on the Discovery Channel. After a moment or two energy starting to flow from the pyramid into the sphere as he watched the sphere change color to a beautiful shining green gem. The crocodile smiled with satisfaction and started to proceed toward the chest he pulled a key from around his neck and as he placed the key in the lock on the chest.

Tim, deciding that now was the time to strike, he proceeded to sneak up behind the crocodile and stab him with all three blades but this was not a quiet death. Because the crocodile let out a dying cry of hisses and clicks that was replied to with some more hisses and clicks from outside. Knowing that he has been discovered Tim threw the body of the dark robed crocodile in front of the door hoping to buy himself a few more precious moments. Then he open the chest while at the same time slashing the rear of the tent open with his tail blade. Just as he was grabbing for the materia one of the guards stormed in tripping over the body. Grabbing a handful of the precious stones with one hand and grabbing chunk of cloth from the torn section of tent with the other Tim fled into the night.

After running for some time he stopped and took a account of what he considered his first among a hopefully long list of successful heists. All in all he got away with 3 yellow materia and 3 green materia and enough fabric to fasten a crude bag to hold the materia around the belt of his kilt. After such a long day and night he succumbed to sleep the next morning he awoke with a ravenous hunger after some searching he found some simple berries it seemed to do the trick and that’s where we left him.


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